Make your own souvenir

Clay Shisa

Let's make symbol of Okinawan culture. it takes 1 hour to 1 hour half minutes.

We teach how to make it. It is very easy for making it.

gel candle  lanthanum

This candle  can be use repeatedly. You can be designed and you can  choose colors (Pink/Clear and bleu.) 

Painting Shisa

Chose cute shisa in the shop. painting it. You can make only one colorful shisa in the world.

Herb ball

You can make own herbal ball. It is mixed with a variety of island herbs rapped in cotton towel.

It is hard to explain in English maybe Japanese only or use  Google translate. 


Shisa making and coloring

Shisa making and painting course.

First making own shisa and painting your shisa.

It takes about 3 hours.


Nursing  and KIds space

We have nice kids space here. All kids enjoy playing many toys and relaxing at tipi tent.

Gel Candle making

Chose small items and colorful sands in the shop. Put these items in a bin and pour jell wax in the same bin.



  Clay Shisa ・・・・¥2860~

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 Painting Shisa・・・¥2430~ 

    Shisa making and painting ・・・¥4290~

 Gel Candle making ・・・¥1760

 Gel Candle Lanthanum・・・¥3190~

 Herbal ball   ・・・¥4200